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Effect of pup out® on caspase 3 and interleukin-1B expression in pulp teeth: a paste contained jatropha, sidaguri, and melittin


Objective: To examine the expression of caspase-3 and IL-1? following application of Pulp Out® on rabbit’s pulp teeth as well as histopathology.Material and Methods: The study was conducted on the maxillary incisors rabbits. The teeth were prepared and Pulp Out® was inserted at the base of prepared cavity, then restored with RM-GIC. After 24 hours, the animals were then euthanized and processed for histopathology and immunohistochemistry evaluation.Results: Our results indicated that Pulp Out®, when administered to the pulp teeth, increased the number and diameter of blood vessels. The expression of caspase-3 and IL-1? showed similarities to the expression of commercial devitalizing agent.Conclusion: Our results revealed that Pulp Out® is a valuable devitalization agent that should be further explored for its safety before clinical application.


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Tanumiharja, M., Hamid, A. S., Trilaksana, A. C., Rovani, C. A., Natsir, N., Nugroho, J. J., Mattulada, I. K., & Muslimin, L. (2021). Effect of pup out® on caspase 3 and interleukin-1B expression in pulp teeth: a paste contained jatropha, sidaguri, and melittin. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 6(2), 119–123.




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