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Management of central diastema with high-frenulum labialis


Objective: To explain the management of the central diastema case in a patient with high- frenulum labialis. Methods: Using a conventional Orthodontic appliance MBT system. This method is selected to orthodontically corrected central diastema while eliminating deep bites and other existing malposition in this case. Results: Central diastema and deep bite corrected, as well as other malposition. However, the frenulum labialis which was planned to undergone frenectomy was postponed to avoid an open gingival embrasure (black triangle). Conclusion: Correction of central diastema done by using a conventional orthodontic appliance MBT system. However, the disposal of frenulum labialis should not always be done, because it should consider the possibility of the emergence of gingival embrasure (black triangle) after the Labialis frenulum was discarded.

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Kainama, K. R. ., & Anggani, H. S. . (2022). Management of central diastema with high-frenulum labialis. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 7(3).




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