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Mouth Preparation Pada Anak Dengan Kelainan Jantung Kongenital Tetralogi of Fallot, Pre-operatif Kardiovaskuler


Teeth dimension is the factor influenced the incidence of toothimpaction. The most The congenital figure of the heart defect incidentin several educational hospitals in Indonesia almost reached 9 per1,000 born babies who survive to live (0.8-1.2%). Tetralogi of Fallotwas one of the cyanotic congenital heart defects that were often foundto children. This situation had four forms of the deviation: defect of theventricle septum, overriding aorta, stenosis infundibuler, andhypertrophy of the right ventricle. As in the case of other congenitalheart defect, in Tetralogi Fallot often happened fatal complication suchas endocarditis bacterialis that had tight relationship to the infection inteeth. In dentistry, the treatment for children with cardiovasculardisease needs holistic handling to prevent the occurrence endocarditisbacterialis. This paper discussed the teeth and the mouth conditionsas well as the therapy in two cases of the child with tetralogi of Fallot.Two female patients came to the Special Dental Care clinic, RSHSBandung with the congenital Tetralogi of Fallot heart defect to undergomouth preparation prior to the heart operation in Jakarta. Theconclusion is as in the case of the congenital heart other defectcyanotic, in Tetralogi Fallot fatal complications such as endocarditisbacterialis could happen. Endocarditis bacterialis was caused by the '':bacterial infection in the heart valve or endocardium.


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