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Koreksi Protrusif Dengan Oral Screen Pada Anak Sebagai Tahap Terapi Awal Maloklusi Klas II Divisi 1


Malocclusion was a biological variation, which where happened deviatefrom normal relations between teeth in one jaw arch and in thecontradictory jaw arch. Malocclusion was connected with thefunctionoftheface muscle, chewing muscles, andtongue muscles thatwasabnormal. In a situation which anterior maxillary teeth were visible,experienced pro verdigris, overbite, over jet that was too big, as well asopen bite. The main cause was possibly by disharmony of the relationsbetween oral and perioral muscles. One of the various early stages ofmalocclusion in child therapy was mainly to correct the protrusive statewas the oral screen. This case study conducted to report the using oforal screen as one of the effective equipment that was very easy usingto correct anterior maxillary teeth protrusive. The case represents a tenyears old boy with anterior maxillary teeth protrusive, malocclusion classI division.1 that came to the FKG-UNPAD specialist dental clinic inBandung. Protrusive of the maxillary anterior teeth was the chiefcomplaint. Other complaints were, the lips could not close totally, andcould chew food well. In the early measurement, over jet was obtainedas big as J 3 mm, and overbite 8 mm. After using the oral screen for 4months, the overjet became 9 mm, and overbite became 5 mm. fromthis case, it can be concluded that therapy using oral screen for 4months, 12 to 16 hours daily can improve the overjet and overbite of thepatient, improve profile of the patient, namely lips position, and itsrelation to anterior teeth


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