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Penatalaksanaan ludwig’s angina pada anak Management of ludwig’s angina at child


Ludwig’s angina is an acute progressive cellulitis that involves the submental and submandibular spaces, bilateralsublingual space, which is caused by the Streptococci bacteria. Characteristics of this disease are swelling of thebilateral soft tissue submandibular, submental region and floor of the mouth, and elevation of the tongue. Earlydiagnosis and management of infection in children is important because a child has tendency for a progressiveworsening and lead to systemic infection. Infections involving the facial regions in children are rare cases wherebyonly one case is found in the last two years at the oral surgery department. This report shows a case of a seven-yearold girl with Ludwig’s angina that came to the emergency division of the oral surgery department with a chiefcomplaint of swelling at the chin and both cheeks. The complaint was first known as caries at 36, 74, and 75.Treatment includes antibiotic administration, incision and drainage, and extraction of the causative tooth. Patientwas hospitalized and returned home when was in good condition.


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Hermanto, E., Yuza, A. T., & Yuwono, H. S. (2011). Penatalaksanaan ludwig’s angina pada anak Management of ludwig’s angina at child. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 10(1), 19–22.




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