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Prevalence of dental caries and anterior teeth malrelation to children with Down’s syndrome in Makassar Prevalensi karies gigi dan malrelasi gigi anterior pada anak penderita sindroma Down di Makassar


This study aimed to describe the prevalence of dental caries and malrelation of anterior teeth of Down’s syndromechildren in the city of Makassar. The samples were 46 Down's syndrome children who attended schools forhandicapped children or Sekolah Luar Biasa (SLB), namely SLB-C Pembina Tingkat Provinsi, SLB-C CatholicRajawali, SLB-D YPAC, and SLB Prima Karya Antang, selected by purposive sampling technique. Each sample wasexamined clinically by crossed-sectional approach. Condition of caries was recorded with the DMF-T index. Clinicalobservation of anterior teeth including anterior openbite, crossbite, edge to edge, labioversion, crowded was also done.The results show that the prevalence of dental caries among the Down’s syndrome children in Makassar is 82.6%, themean of DMF-T scores is 3.69. According to the interpretation of the WHO, this belongs to moderate category. Themost significant relation is labioversion as with 28.27%. Our results show that Down’s syndrome children in Makassarhave a high prevalence dental caries, with the most significant malrelation is labioversion.


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Achmad, H., K, D. E., & Wijaya, S. (2012). Prevalence of dental caries and anterior teeth malrelation to children with Down’s syndrome in Makassar Prevalensi karies gigi dan malrelasi gigi anterior pada anak penderita sindroma Down di Makassar. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 11(2), 69–74.




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