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Patient mental attitude: a systematic review

  • Eri H. Jubhari ,
  • Kezia Rachellea ,


Objective: To review the classifications of denture patient’s mental attitude in order to expand reader’s knowledge and help practitioners to confront their patient.Methods: Electronic search in internet to find articles which were published in last 20 years with keywords “patient mental attitude†and “house classificationâ€. Articles were then selected by reviewing the title and abstract.Results: Based on data search, there are eight journal articles that suitable with the inclusion criteria.Conclusion: It is important for dentists to recognize patient’s mental attitude before patient’s general condition to help dentist to communicate and deal with patient along their mental attitude, in order to create a bond of trust between patient and practitioner, facilitate the treatment procedure and make a better treatment result.


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Jubhari, E. H., & Rachellea, K. (2020). Patient mental attitude: a systematic review. Journal of Dentomaxillofacial Science, 5(2), 69–73.




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